Our Story

Our Start


In 1982, Saudi Arabia experienced a leap forward through the launch of Abazeer Trading Company, whom is specialized in the organic foods industry. The Idea was brought to fruition by Eng. Khalid Alhaddad, whom was passionate about the importance of natural foods and its role in the health of humans in which he has studied the different concepts of dietary regimen, he then proceeded to apply those studies by establishing Abazeer farms which is committed to international standards of organic farming, through which to supply its community an alternative natural and healthy option, this has placed it as the pioneer of organic foods in Saudi Arabia.

Through the help of God, Abazeer has expanded to become the prominent company in this sector by being the sole distributor of many distinguished internationally recognized trademarks in the organic sector as well as its production throughout its farms of crops & livestock. Abazeer Company has supplied the Saudi market with these products through its multiple outlets and distribution network throughout the kingdom.

Abazeer’s ongoing success and prosperity is built on its adherence to detailed standards and regulations in providing the ideal product and services and all that is new in the international organic foods market.

Abazeer implements its work through professional administrative and executive units, which are:
• Managing 4 retail outlets in multiple cities in the kingdom with plans to increase retail stores.
• Abazeer offers more than 2,000 organic products as well as pursuing all that is new in the organic foods market globally.
• Abazeer owns and runs 5 farms located in different areas in Saudi Arabia that provides different environments that is well suited to produce different agricultural crops such as vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, dates, honey both wild & organic with all its different types, as well as eggs, poultry, and the many forms of livestock.
• Due to the absence of preservatives and artificial substances which makes food deteriorate faster, Abazeer has set about to arrange for advanced storage methods in different areas of Saudi Arabia.
• Key strategic missions of Abazeer is to ensure & guarantee that the products are well handled during transportation until it reaches is intended party, therefore, strict measures and regulations are placed and implemented.




Our Vision


To contribute in building a healthy society that is food conscious and well aware of the importance of organic food in supporting health and the avoidance of medical ailments as well maintaining a balanced environment. A society which can choose and pick the different foods that is in accordance with their dietary needs and realizes its responsibility in preserving the environment through civilized practices that safeguards its health and nature.


Our products

At Abazeer, we are proud to offer the finest organic wholefoods that are completely free of artificial substances as flavors, colorants, preservatives, and hormones to which have been proven to cause accumulative adverse effects on humans and nature. Therefore, we pledge that you and your family are presented with the best healthy & balanced food that contains all its nutritional values on top of the organic foods we intake in our everyday lives.

Under Abazeer’s roof lays countless organic products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, vegetables and non-essential oils, grains, juices, honey, and animal products like eggs, meats, and dairy that is allocated through Abazeer retail stores as well as our partners in success from all the different retailer to online platforms.

Abazeer Company delivers on these needs due to its firm belief that healthy diets are the foundation of a healthy society, and it basis this concept on the studies and findings that attest’s to the dangers of consuming foods that contain artificial substances of all different kinds on the individuals health, the harm could be quick or accumulated over many years. Therefore, relevant authorities and publicated studies have warned that many of the commercial foods that are widely available, that of which we have been used to consuming, could be a primary reason to the decline of the general health of the individual and society.


Our Message/Mission


Contribute in developing and adopting organic food heritage as it is the most important foundation in society and individual’s health.

To continuously progress in providing multiple options to all different types of high quality organic and natural foods.

Conserve the environmental & ecological systems to guarantee the production of high quality foods while sustaining a pristine environment through organic agricultural practices.

Provide alternative organic & natural foods to conventional foods.

The guarantee of a diversity of products, the quality of service, and the complete satisfaction of our clients.




Our Clients


The awareness that our clients possess of the importance of healthy & organic foods and enjoy

A healthy and invigorating life is cherished by our clients.

Our clients appreciate nature and know that its great and abundant secrets proliferate out of its pristine state away from all the synthetic additives that is destructive to nature and the environment.

Confidence in Abazeer Company from our clients and its integrity in presenting organic foods through its farm or trusted partners. This confidence has been garnered through its long and substantial history to its committed, renewed, and distinct present.