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  • معجون أمبوشي عضوي 150جرام

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    Umeboshi plums have been a staple in Japanese cuisine for centuries. Also known as the “sour plum,” “Japanese apricot” and “Japanese plum,” the umeboshi plum is made from dried and pickled ume fruit, a type of fruit closely related to the apricot. Umeboshi are round and wrinkled with a distinctly sour taste thanks to its high content of citric acid. In fact, ume fruits are harvested at the end of June, right when their juices have reached peak acidity. Due to their intense flavor, umeboshi is typically combined with white rice and consumed as a side dish or inside a rice ball. Umeboshi paste and umeboshi vinegar are also available for an easy way to spice up any dish. In terms of nutrition, umeboshi contains a good chunk of the potassium, manganese and fiber you need in a day. Plus, it’s low in calories, giving you the most nutrition bang for your buck. Besides boasting a pretty impressive nutrient profile and distinct flavor, this pickled plum has also been shown to have many beneficial effects on health.