The Body Scrub Butter by Najel nourishes the skin using white sand from Bora Bora and organic Shea Butter. This innovative 2-in-1 product offers deep cleansing exfoliation and intensive nourishing care in one easy to use step.

Mineral salt from the Dead Sea clarifies and strengthens the skin
Powder derived from coconut shells gently cleanses the skin
Coconut oil is particularly nourishing and soothing on the skin
Sesame oil has strong antioxidant properties that softens the skin wonderfully, while it fights against the signs of aging.
Application: Use body Scrub butter once a week on dry skin for an invigorating scrub or on damp skin for a softer scrub. Rinse after application to leave your skin cleansed of all impurities. No need to apply a cream or milk, your skin is already nourished!



Brand Najil
Odoo Code PC0260

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