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Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a flowering plant which belongs to the family Apiaceae. Cumin seeds are extensively used as a condiment or a spice in culinary practices of the Indian Subcontinent and some other Asian, African and Latin American countries. Both whole and ground cumin is used as a staple in various dishes due to its distinct warm and earthy flavor. Because of its strong aroma, only a small amount of cumin essential oil is used in recipes to provide them with a powerful punch. Both cumin and cumin essential oil boast a number of important nutrients that can help keep you healthy. Cumin can be cultivated in hot temperatures of around 30°C (86°F), it is thought to be tolerant of drought, but needs fertile soil to grow. The largest suppliers of cumin are Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Cumin seeds come in multiple varieties and sizes. It can be used in its natural form or ground. It has a high concentration of essential oil, which makes it aromatic.  It is sometimes roasted to release its distinct scent while cooking. It is also ground and blended with other spices to form the widely popular curry powder. Cumin seeds have many microbial and antifungal properties.

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Health Benefits of Cumin: 

1- Cumin is a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as, copper, zinc, iron, vitamin A, B6, C, K, E, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, and others. (1,4)

2- Cumin is a rich source of iron which helps in increasing haemoglobin levels, improving blood flow and also promoting a healthy menstrual cycle.(1,4,5)

3- Cumin has hypolipidemic properties, which helps to control high levels of fats. To reduce your cholesterol levels you can eat cumin powder mixed with yogurt. (1,6,7)

4- Cumin contains lots of plant compounds that are linked with potential health benefits, including terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids. (1,4,8)

5- Cumin aids in preventing diabetes by reducing the chances of hypoglycaemia, which helps to decrease glucosuria and control blood sugar. (1,9,10)

6- Calcium in cumin helps in increasing the bone-density, thereby delaying the onset of osteoporosis. (1,2,4)

7- Cumin due to its antioxidant, chemopreventive, and anti-carcinogenic properties prevents various cancer, especially colon and breast cancer. (1,4,11)

8- Cumin extracts have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help in relieving pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. (1,12)

9- Cumin helps increase secretion of milk in lactating women due to the presence of thymol. In addition, iron.  So it is very good for lactating mothers or pregnant women. (1,4,13)






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