Organic Spanish Saffron 2g

Saffron is a popular spice that can be acquired from a flower commonly called the saffron crocus. With the scientific name Crocus sativus, the stigmas of this plant can be dried and processed into a spice, which is actually the most valuable spice by weight. These “threads” as they are called, are typically reddish orange, the same color as the spice, and are carefully removed from flowers by hand. This herb is highly desired because of its ability to season and color food, as well as its inherent health benefits. The unique organic composition of saffron makes it a powerful addition to your diet, as it contains more than 150 volatile compounds, including carotenoids, safranal, crocin, antioxidants, and other biochemicals, as well as minerals and vitamins that are essential to human health.The most common form of saffron is in the dried or powdered form, but you can also get saffron supplements at certain herbal food stores. Only a small amount of the spice is necessary to have an effect, and the maximum that should be consumed in a day is between 0.5 grams and 1 gram of this valuable spice. Saffron can be applied topically for a massage, used in sauces, broths, hot drinks, or as pills. You can find saffron at most organic health stores and grocery stores, and the pill supplements can be found in herbalist and nutritional locations. There are also many variations of saffron, such as Afghan saffron, pure Spanish saffron, and Persian saffron and they all offer a unique new addition to your dish.

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Health Benefits of Saffron: 

1- Saffron contain high concentrations of certain important nutrients, including vitamin C, and ascorbic acid. Which it is important for human health, as it stimulates the immune system’s production of white blood cells, the body’s first line of defence against illness. (1,3)

2- Saffron contains a high concentration of iron, that means it helps to function as an effective energy booster and increase your metabolism by increasing your blood circulation. (1,4)

3- The high content of vitamin B6 found in saffron spice can help our nervous system in running smoothly and prevent some of the deadly and dangerous disorders that arise from poor nervous system function. (1,5)

4- Saffron contains the significant levels of manganese, which means it can help the body optimize its blood sugar levels. (1,6)

5- Saffron is a rich source of potassium, which it improves the health of the heart. Potassium acts as a vasodilator, effectively lowering the stress and pressure on blood vessels and arteries, allowing blood pressure to decrease and relieving strain on the cardiovascular system. (1,7)

6- Some of the minerals and organic compounds in saffron such as calsium. They play the important role in improving bone mineral density and preventing the onset of conditions like osteoporosis and other degenerative age-related diseases. (1,8)

7- Saffron can help treat obesity by curbing the appetite, promoting weight loss. (1,9,10)

8- The many active compounds in saffron have some effect on the endocrine system and can stimulate the release of beneficial hormones that keep us happy and healthy. Which means it improves mood and relieves anxiety. (1,11)







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