Organic Sunflower Without Kernels 500g

Today, sunflower seeds are one of the most consumed seeds in the world. There are actually three types of commonly used sunflower seeds: linoleic (most common), high oleic, and nusun sunflowers seeds; the kind most often eaten is the linoleic kind. The three varieties all have different nutrient contents, but are very similar in terms of health benefits and uses. Sunflower seeds are harvested and enjoyed around the world. 

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Health Benefit of Sunflower Kernels: 

1- The high supply of antioxidants Vitamin E (80% of your daily recommended value in every ¼ cup of seeds) helps to reduce body-wide dangerous inflammation from leading to various diseases. Such as, reduces risk for heart disease.(1,2)  

2- Helps to prevent cancer due to high antioxidants content.(1,3) 

3- Sunflower seeds provide a high amount of essential trace mineral magnesium, It’s help combat osteoporosis, Bone loss and muscle cramps.(1,4) 

4- Improves skin health, Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E in addition to essential fatty acid lipids that help keep skin hydrated and free from sun and pollution damage. (1,5) 

5- A diet rich in all types of nuts and seeds, such as; “Sunflower seeds”. Has been shown to reduce hyperglycaemia and to help balance blood sugar levels.(1,6) 



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