Arame Wild Dried Seaweed 50g

Arame Wild Dried Seaweed 50g

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Arame seaweed, also called sea oak, is a brown seaweed that is commonly harvested along the coasts of Japan and South Korea. As with kombu, dulse, and other sea vegetables, arame is used liberally in Japanese cuisine, and it is renowned for its versatility owing to its sweet, mild flavor. Indeed, you’re likely to find arame in many Japanese appetizers, muffins, soups, toasted dishes, and casseroles. Arame is less popular in the West, although more and more health food stores are starting to stock it in dried form due to its considerable health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Arame Seaweed: 

1- Arame seaweed contains vitamins and minerals, this seaweed plant is high in iodine, iron, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium and other forms of important minerals. (1,2,3)

2- Arame seaweed is a great alternative source of iron for those who are vegetarian or vegan. Iron helps for maintaining good energy levels, concentration, and avoiding anemia. (2,3)

3- Iodine is present in surprisingly high levels in many forms of seaweed, including Arame.It is also that iodine’s antioxidant properties may have a preventative effect against stomach cancer. (3,4)

4- Vitamin A is also found in considerable quantities within Arame, making it an ideal food to include in your diet in order to promote eyesight, protect the body’s natural defenses against infection, and encourage cell growth and repair. (1,3)

5- Arame seaweed is a good source of lignans, which are phytoestrogens found in plants that serve as antioxidants. This type of antioxidant can have anti-inflammatory effects. (1,2,3,5)

6- Another rich mineral in arame is magnesium. Magnesium is used by the body for relaxing nerves and muscles, building bone and keeps your blood circulation in check. (1,2,3)

7- Arame seaweed high in fiber will enhance digestive health, and It also enhances vitamin and mineral absorption as well as contributes to lowering blood pressure. (1,2,3)

8- Arame seaweed contains a high amount of calcium which means it boosts bone strength, and nervous system function. (1,3,6)

9- Arame seaweed is a great weight loss food for three reasons: it is low in calories, contains no fat at all, and is high in fiber. (1,2,3)


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