Dried Lotus Root 115g

Dried Lotus Root 115g


Lotus root, as the name implies, is the root of the lotus flower, which is an aquatic plant of the Nelumbonaceae family. The lotus flower has been a powerful element of numerous Asian countries for thousands of years. It is also a stunningly beautiful flower that embeds its roots in the bottom of the lake, stream, river, etc. while the pad and the emerging flower float on top of the water. They are aquatic perennials, and the seeds can germinate long after falling dormant. A seed more than 1,300 years old was once brought “back from the dead” and flowered in a laboratory. The lotus root (or rhizome) is a long, woody object that attaches to the bottom of its habitat and can stretch up to 4 feet. It can be washed, sliced, and then prepared. It is frequently used as a vegetable in Asian cuisines within soups, or it can be deep-fried, stir-fried, braised, or cooked in other interesting ways. It is also used in the natural or powdered form in traditional herbal medicine. It is commonly pickled as snacks and is included in dishes with prawns, or as salad toppings because of the tangy and slightly sweet taste, particularly after being pickled. It has the texture of a potato and tastes slightly like coconuts before any extra flavoring is added.

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Health Benefits of Lotus Root: 

1- Lotus root is unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, including  potassium, phosphorous, copper, iron, and manganese, as well as thiamin, pantothenic acid, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. (1,3,4)

2- Lotus roots can be a wonderful way to stimulate the circulation of blood to increase oxygenation of the organs and increase the functionality and energy levels. (1,3,5)

3- Lotus root can prove to be beneficial for your skin, hair and eyes as it is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties and helps prevent macular degeneration and ocular conditions and even helps to treat skin problems and inflammation. (1,3,4,6)

4- The significant levels of potassium found in the lotus root can ensure a proper balance between the fluids in the body and also counteract the effects of sodium in our bloodstream, and regulates blood pressure. (1,3,4,7)

5- Lotus root improves digestive, because it is packed with dietary fiber, which is known to bulk up the stool and expedite bowel movements. Lotus root can reduce symptoms of constipation while optimizing nutrient absorption. (1,3,4,8)

6- Lotus roots are a good option for people trying to manage their weight. By including low-calories foods that are able to get all the nutrients and fiber, you are able to get all the nutrients you need, and still feel full. (1,3,4,9)

7- Lotus root contains Vitamin B complex and pyridoxine is one of its components. Pyridoxine helps to regulate your mood and mental health in general by interacting with the neural receptors of the brain. It also helps to deal with other disorders like headaches, stress levels and irritability. (1,3,4,10)


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