Organic Anise 500g

Organic Anise 500g


Anise is a flowering plant scientifically known as Pimpinella anisum, and commonly known as aniseed. That common name most likely comes from the fact that the fruits of this plant, which looks like small seeds, are the most highly prized part.The taste of this plant is very recognizable, as it tastes just like licorice, even if you don’t know the name of this plant. Native to the Mediterranean and western Asian regions, this plant has been cultivated for thousands of years. The fruit of this plant is quite small and resembles many other common seeds. Anise seeds feature oblong or curved, comma shape, about 3-4 mm long, light brown color and fine stripes over its outer surface. The extracted essential oil from these dried fruits is extremely powerful and can provide a number of the health benefits for which anise is known. Star anise (Illicium verum) is a spicy fruit-pod, obtained from the evergreen tree native to South-West China. It has a similar flavor and taste like that of anise seed. Star-shaped fruits appear on the tree which turns rust-red color when completely ripe. On the interior, these fruits envelope small, round, amber-colored seeds. Both the seed as well as fruit husks used as a spice in cooking.

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Health Benefits of Anise: 

1- Star anise or anise seeds contains a high level of antioxidants, such as linalool, quercetin, thymol, terpineol, caffeic acid, anethole, kaemferol and coumaric acid, as well as a significant amount of iron. (3,4,5)

2- Anise is a rich source of minerals and vitamins like vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber. (1,3,4,11)

3- High level of various antioxidants found in anise, it can help to promote the elimination of free radicals throughout the body. Which means it can help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, boosts skin health. (4,5,6)

4- Anise contains antibacterial, which it helps to treat bacterial infections of the stomach, and support immune system. (3,4,7)

5- The most notable mineral found in anise is iron, it boosts red blood cell production, thus increasing energy levels by promoting circulation. (3,4,8)

6- Anise possesses some level of sedative properties, due to the high levels of antioxidant and the magnesium. It boosts relaxation and sleep well. (3,4,9)

7- The diverse range of antioxidants in this anise, from quercetin and kaemferol to thymol and coumaric acid, can all affect oxidative stress in the body. Which means it helps to protect cancer. (3,4,10)

8- Anise contains Copper, it is a cofactor for many vital enzymes, including cytochrome C-oxidase and superoxide dismutase (other minerals function as cofactors for this enzyme are manganese and zinc). (3,4,11)

9- Anise seeds are an excellent source of many essential B-complex vitamins such as pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) helps increase GABA neurochemical levels in the brain. (3,4,11)


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