Organic Caraway Seeds 200g

Organic Caraway Seeds 200g


Caraway seeds come from the caraway plant, a member of the carrot family, Umbelliferae. This plant is also referred to as meridian fennel or Persian cumin. The plant’s roots can be eaten, but most people use the caraway fruit, which is mistakenly called seed as a result of its size and texture. Caraway seeds are very aromatic, and have a strong anise-like taste, making them popular in savory dishes, such as sauerkraut and harissa. In modern times, caraway seeds are most often used in baking recipes, from rye bread to pastry toppings and cakes. They are often compared to fennel, and both make a good substitute for the other, although there is an obvious difference in the taste. Fennel is very heavily licorice-flavored, while caraway tends to have more peppery and citrus notes to it. 

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Health Benefits of Caraway: 

1- Caraway seeds are rich in protein, carbohydrates, and various vitamins and minerals such as, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and others. (1,3)

2- Caraway helps reduce the cholesterol levels in the cardiovascular system because of its high fiber content. In addition, it is also a great support supplement for heart health, along with its high antioxidant and potassium content. (1,3,4)

3- Caraway extract is a popular diet tool to aid in weight loss since fiber helps you feel full and reduce excess snacking or overeating. (1,3,5)

4- Drinking caraway tea prepared from caraway seeds helps reduce the effects of asthma and promote sleep. This is due to its high magnesium content, which can affect neurotransmitters in the brain and induce relaxation. (1,3,6)

5- Caraway seeds help improve bone health and bone density. This is due to the presence of zinc and calcium in them. (1,3,5)

6- Caraway seeds are used to treat many health issues primarily associated with digestive health that include IBS, constipation, heartburn, and bloating. (1,7)

7- The high concentration of antioxidants in caraway help the skin fight free radicals and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and this helps maintain skin elasticity and keeps the skin look younger. (1,8)


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