Organic Chikko Coffee Roasted Chicory 150gm

Organic Chikko Coffee Roasted Chicory 150gm

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Chikko Roasted Chicory is an alternative to coffee made from the roasted root of the chicory plant. It is 100% organic and naturally caffeine free with no chemical decaffeination treatment.

It is a mouth-watering beverage with a velvety flavor and a subtle bitterness. When prepared as a cappuccino or latte, this drink looks and tastes very similar to a normal cup of coffee. So no need to depend on caffeine and you can live on fully energized. You can consume it in the evening without worrying about sleepless nights. The ideal drink for anyone wanting to lower their caffeine intake.

  • Instant mix.
  • 100% organic roasted chicory.
  • An organic, caffeine-free alternative to coffee.
  • Velvety flavor with a subtle bitterness.
  • Prepare as a warm Cappuccino or Latte.

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