In 1982, Saudi Arabia experienced a leap forward through the launch of Abazeer Trading Company, whom is specialized in the organic foods industry. The Idea was brought to fruition by Eng. Khalid Alhaddad, whom was passionate about the importance of natural foods and its role in the health of humans in which he has studied the different concepts of dietary regimen, he then proceeded to apply those studies by establishing Abazeer farms which is committed to international standards of organic farming, through which to supply its community an alternative natural and healthy option, this has placed it as the pioneer of organic foods in Saudi Arabia..


To contribute in building a healthy society that is food conscious and well aware of the importance of organic food in supporting health and the avoidance of medical ailments as well maintaining a balanced environment. A society which can choose and pick the different foods that is in accordance with their dietary needs and realizes its responsibility in preserving the environment through civilized practices that safeguards its health and nature.

Healthier Life

Improve the lifestyle

Eco Friendly

Save the environment