What is organic food?

According to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), organic products are those that are produce through organic farming and they are as follows: "Organic farming is a system that sustains the health of the soil, the eco system, and the people. It relies on eco logical procedures, biodiversity, and locally harmonized cycles instead of using harmful additives. Organic farming integrates heritage, innovation, and science together to benefit our connected environments and to support a fair & balanced life to all.

Furthermore, the most important principle that distinguishes organic foods is the principle of health. Organic farming preserves the health of the ecological & environmental systems which incorporates: Humans, soil, plants, animals, and the Earth. The guarantor of the health of these systems is through the production of high quality & nutritious organic farming that aids in maintaining the health of humans and to improve his standard of living while enhancing his physical, mental, & social behavior while sustaining the environment.

Organic foods are grown or treated without industrial chemicals, conventional pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification. It is produced in ways that assure it is free of added chemical substances such as preservatives, colorants and flavor enhancers.

Day after day, organic foods gain more attention where it has improved dramatically, especially with the increasing awareness with regards to general health and the knowledge of the causes of health issues such as cancers and other diseases.


Why organic food is better?

  • Natural food that is rich in all beneficial elements that is useful to the body and health with natural flavoring
  • No added industrial chemicals which helps in preventing ailments
  • Conserving the environment with all its elements